Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Welcome to The Creative Classroom!

Welcome to The Creative Classroom, a blog dedicated to all things creative for the classroom! This blog will focus on not only the items that I create for my own classroom, but ideas and products that I want to share with you. I look forward to networking with other teachers and the feedback that will come along with that.

Since this is my first blog post and the first official week of Summer for me, I will share just a bit of what is to come. Summer vacation may be a time to recharge and step away from the classroom, but for me, that is easier said than done. I spend most of the summer trying out all the cool ideas from Pinterest and coming up with a game plan for next year. Here are a few of my Pinterest projects from last Summer!

This is a writing process container that I created using four magazine holders and some purple duct tape. I created one for each class that I teach. It was a very inexpensive product especially considering I had a ton of old magazine boxes collecting dust in my classroom.

I started by placing duct tape along the bottom of each box to help with the sturdiness of the finished product and then use small piece of duct tape to tape each box together. Once I had secured all the boxes, I wrapped the duct tape around the boxes not only as a decorative design but again to make sure the box wouldn't fall apart when it was holding 25+ folders. Lastly, I created small labels for each steps of the writing process and laminated them. Here's the final product:

Check back soon for more creative ideas and projects from my classroom to yours!