Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Literary League Celebrates the TPT Back to School Sale

Ready or not, here they come! It's time for another school year to start, but don't worry. The Literary League has got you covered! Join us in celebrating the TPT Back to School Sale on August 3rd and 4th. You can save up to 28% off the amazing resources and products in our stores. All you have to do is stock your cart and use the promo code: BTS15!

Use the links below to visit the members of The Literary League:
Danielle Knight (Study All Knight)
Darlene Anne- ELA Buffet
Mrs. Spangler in the Middle
Created by MrHughes
The Classroom Sparrow
The Daring English Teacher
ELA Everyday
Juggling ELA
Literary Sherri
Making Meaning with Melissa
2 Peas and a Dog
Secondary Solutions-Simply Novel
Addie Williams
Linda Jennifer
Fisher Reyna Education
The Creative Classroom
Stacey Lloyd
Room 213
Brynn Allison
Open Classroom
Perfetto Writing Room
Secondary Sara
Tracee Orman
James Whitaker
The Superhero Teacher
Created for Learning
Brain Waves Instruction

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