Sunday, June 2, 2013

Creativity and Groupon

I don't know about you, but sometimes it is really hard to be creative on a teacher's budget. That's why I am so thankful for Groupon and their daily deals with Vistaprint. Any time I see a Vistaprint deal on Groupon (most of the time it's $17 for $76 worth of products), I buy as many as I can. Not only do you save a tons of money on the deal itself, but Vistaprint also discounts their products. The last order I made was worth $185.00, but I only paid $40!!! You can get anything from customized stamps, classroom posters or banners, postcards, and so much more. Thanks to Krissy Venosdale from Venspired, who offers amazing free posters on her website, I have been able to make some colorful and creative posters for my classroom for a great price.

This is just one of the posters that I have created for my classroom using Vistaprint.

In addition to the classroom posters, I have also used some of Venspired's designs to create other items in my classroom. My favorite are probably the "I Learn...What's your Superpower?" postcards. I use these to write notes to my students on their positive behavior and academic achievements. They are a big hit in my classroom! 

This is the coolest way to reward my students. It allows me to write hand-written notes to my  students congratulating them for their success.

The blank side is where I write my notes and decorate them a bit.

The last items that I have created using some of Venspired's designs and my own are the classroom magnets that get from Vistaprint. I use the small car door magnets and they are the perfect size. The definitely liven up my classroom.

Who doesn't want Chuck Norris in there classroom? 

This is a constant reminder for me of the importance of my role as a teacher.

My newest creation. A magnet I created using my TPT and blog logo for my classroom.

Last, but certainly not least are some of my own designs that I created for my classroom stamps. I plan on making many more of these to use in my classroom.

I got inspired by some other customized stamps created by other teacher bloggers and decided to try to crate my own. Not too bad for a first time attempt!

As you can see the possibilities are endless when it comes to Vistaprint and creative ideas for your classroom. Don't forget to buy your  Vistaprint Groupon deal before it expires!

Check back soon for more creative ideas from my classroom to yours!

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